Stature of Yoga in Modern India

15000 years ago, a Yogi appeared in the upper regions of the Himalayas whose antecedents were completely unknown but people gathered around him because he was a phenomenal presence of yoga . People gathered around him to see some kind of miracle but he sat sill without a word. The only sign of life was off and on tears of ecstasy were dribbling down his cheeks, otherwise he simply sat unmoving.

The people who hung on and realized the miracle of him sitting here like this was because he had transcended physical nature and today these seven people who hung on are known as Sapta Rishis or the disciples of Adiyogi. He explained to them the mechanics of being human and this day is known as World Yoga Day because Yoga began on that very day. He opened up 112 ways in which a human being can attain to his ultimate nature and the whole yogic system subscribe to this even today. Human body is the most sophisticated piece of machine on the planet and it  acts as a user manual of how to conduct oneself. The word Yoga means ‘union of polarities’ or union of masculine and feminine, individual and universal. Yoga is a about to determine who you are, what you want to be and needs much involvement as it brings clarity to us. It brings flexibility to every aspect of our life, then be it physical, psychological, karmic structure.this , as a science, is essentially to break the limitations of certain concretization that happens, i.e. known as Personality. Over 70% of the ailments in the body are chronic in nature and can be  cured by this  only. it  is not only about posture, it is just a miniscule aspect of yoga and if we can experience everything around us, then we can say we are in yoga. 

Four paths of Yoga- 

  • Karma Yoga- Making use of body to reach the ultimate nature.
  • Gnana Yoga- Using intelligence to reach the ultimate nature.
  • Bhakti Yoga or Yoga of Emotions- Using emotions to reach the ultimate nature.
  • Kriya Yoga- Making use of all the inner energies to reach the ultimate nature.

These four paths can never be followed together because there is always a conflict between four of them. Also, there are various healthy benefits related to Yoga- 

  1. Yoga for stress relief- Scientifically, it has been proven that Yoga is the only way to reach the inner self and attain peace within. A simple yoga of breathing in and out can make the human body more calm and relaxed. 
  2. Yoga for fat loss- Many of us have been doing all kinds of exercises that we shouldn’t and end up with some injuries, but it  does not only mean flexing your body in a certain postures, it also means working on your body in a right direction and with correct balance. It helps to maintain a balance within the body, thus helping us to loose the excessive fat we acquire from outside. 
  3. Yoga helps us to increase our endurance- If a human attains peace within self and lives perfectly balanced life with the help of this, the body builds the endurance and immunity in a natural manner and we remain active throughout the day
  4. Helps to reduce the health problems- it has been one of the best medicine in field of science too which has helped to cure many inner ailments. It helps to reduce the cholesterol level, reduces the risk of heart attack and reduces blood sugar level. It makes our body healthy and mind sound. 
  5. It creates calm internal environment through contemplative practices. 

There are ‘n’ number of health benefits associated with this  with cannot be explained briefly and precisely as some may extend the physical understanding of the nature. 

Some of the most popular Yoga poses are- 

 Therefore, we can clearly state that it  is not just physical exercise or postures, rather it is a complete set of science about working of human body. It is a secret recipe to self reformation and amusement. Fortunately, Yoga has started gaining acceptance and popularity not only in India, but the whole worldwide. It helps to take care of the emotional infections that we inflict upon us and stress over causing sever damage to our body. Not only does it cure our body, but also our unstable mind by giving us a sense of stability and positivity.  

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