CDS said, military strength will not be strong, then opponents can take advantage of it

CDS said, military strength will not be strong, then opponents can take advantage of it

New Delhi Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat said that Indian military forces are working in very complex and uncertain environment, they will have to increase the capacity for peace in the region because if the military strength is not strong, then the opponents of India take advantage Can. He was addressing the inaugural session of the portal's fifth annual conference on defense issues and military issues on Tuesday. Rawat said, Today we are working in a very complex, uncertain and unstable environment. There is a big, small war in almost every region of the world. So if we have to protect ourselves, the integrity of our country, the integrity of our country and our people, then we need strong military force.

Military forces must develop capacity to bring peace to the region. If we do not have a strong military force, then the opponents will take advantage of us. General Rawat's statement is important because there has been a deadlock between India and China in East Ladakh for the last six months. A series of diplomatic and military talks have also been held to resolve the deadlock between the two sides. However, no concrete result has been found.

The message was read in the conference, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi referred to several reforms undertaken by the government to acquire modern equipment and new technology and increase synergy between military forces. In the message, Modi said, we are moving forward with the collective resolve of the country to create a modern and self-reliant India. Rawat referred to the challenges faced by the military forces in a difficult environment like forests, valleys and mountain areas with altitudes ranging from 6,000 to 6,500 meters.

The General said, our Navy is stationed in the Indo-Pacific region, from where ships are the most frequent. They need to develop technology not only in the sea, but in the midst of the increasingly complex situation with working within the sea. In the presence of defense officers of different countries, General Rawat said, "We want to help all those who need our cooperation, especially those countries which are going through difficult times and want good weapons system." Air Force Chief RKS Bhadauria said that the threat from India's opponents is 'deep and long term'.

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