Donald Trump may run for the US President in 2024

On Tuesday, the former US President Donald Trump returned to Washington for the first time since leaving 18 months ago. He delivered a speech to his followers and hinted at running for president in 2024. Trump said, “I always say I ran the first time and I won, then I ran a second time and I did much better,” He further said, “We may just have to do it again. We have to straighten out our country. I look forward to laying out many more details in the weeks and months to come”.

Donald Trump gave a 90-minute speech to the conservative America First Policy Institute. The address included themes of his victorious 2016 campaign, including illegal immigration and crime. In addition, he also denounced the investigation into the January 6 attack on the US Capitol by his supporters. Trump stated it as the work of “political hacks and thugs.” He said, “If I renounced my beliefs if I agreed to stay silent if I stayed at home and just took it easy, the persecution of Donald Trump would stop immediately”. Trump added, “They really want to damage me so I can no longer go back to work for you. And I don’t think that’s going to happen”. During his speech, people from the crowd chanted “Four more years!”

Trump also blamed Joe Biden for the current situation of the country. He said, “We are a nation in decline. We are a failing nation”. He accused Biden of allowing the invasion of hundreds and thousands of migrants from the southern border. “The next Republican president must immediately implement every aspect of the Trump agenda that achieved the most secure border in history”, Trump said.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are currently below 40 percent. It is also predicted that Democrats will lose control of Congress after the November midterm elections. Due to these reasons, Trump is apparently confident that he can win in 2024.

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