Having being delisted from Apple store, Tumblr’s iOS app will not be available for Apple users anymore. Many blogs have been purged by Tumblr after being delisted over an attempt to crack down on shady port activities.

Over allegation of becoming home to many “porn bots” and most recently having deleted a blog last Friday, pertaining to illegal content possibly to do with child pornography according to Tumblr’s tweet, could be the reason speculated leading to delisting the iOS app of Tumblr.

After the delisting, Tumblr seems to responding by deleting multiple blogs all across without quite investigating if they are legit or not, according to Tumblr account holders, many of whom are not being able to view the blogs they follow.

Reportedly, an artist who publishes adult comics found his work of 5 years deleted without any explanation by Tumblr.

Under the circumstances, Mastadon, Tumblr’s social media competitor has been encouraging the affected users to join its platforms.

Though Tumblr has not made it explicit whether or not this is a temporary closure or that of a permanent one, neither has it commented on the crackdown, it is being hoped that this might be a temporary step. Nudity and sexually explicit material is not banned by Tumblr; however it doesn’t host porn videos and advises the users to mark the aforesaid content as “sensitive” or “explicit”.

On its help center page the social media service has stated its top priority is resolving the issue with the iOS app.


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