With 5G network the next big thing for telecom operators, most of them have started working on 5G operations. Smartphone manufacturers are also focusing on integrating 5G support in their flagships to be launched in 2019. Along with the others, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau had also announced earlier that they will be releasing the first 5G enabled smartphone in the coming year.

OnePlus 7, the company’s next flagship smartphone was naturally expected to be the 5G enabled phone, however, according to the latest information given by CNET, the company is planning on launching an entirely new lineup for 5G supporting smartphones. In fact OnePlus 7 or its subsequent OnePlus 7T might not feature 5G support altogether. This could mean relatively reduced costs of OnePlus7.

While Pete Lau had announced launching a 5G product at the earliest in 2019, it is likely that the company will end up releasing not just two but at least three phones next year. It is also expected that the 5G smartphone by OnePlus will be exhibited in MCW 2019 in Barcelona or CES 2019.

Snapdragon X50 5G modem will be used in Qualcomm’s upcoming chipset speculated to be named Snapdragon 8150.


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