Left Atrial Pressure Monitor
Left Atrial Pressure Monitor

An unusual intra- cardiac monitoring device that possesses a built- in microchip which doesn’t have a battery, has been developed by Vectorious Medical technologies, a company based in Israel, according to their recent announcement. With the aid of a small external module, the monitoring device named V-LAP allows patients to take measurements of the left atrial pressure any time they need to. As many as 30 patients across Europe and Israel will be enrolled for the first implantations of the device as a part of the first-in- human study that will be conducted.

While assessing the health of the heart, the Left atrial pressure (LAP) is an important aspect to be studied especially in situations when worsening signs of a heart failure need to be detected. Currently, V-LAP is the only device that can perform the function anytime outside the clinical setting.

Through a precutaneous minimally invasive procedure that can be attempted just by administering local anesthesia to the patient; the implant is positioned inside the interatrial septum of the heart. After the procedure is completed, the patient can easily scan the heart with the help of a module which is accompanying it and the readings obtained can be shared with his or her radiologist. The benefit of this is the underlying opportunity that the clinicians get, to take precautions or do the needful in case of drastic reduction in function is detected; before any serious symptoms set in and cause more harm.


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