Top-of-Head CPAP Mask
Top-of-Head CPAP Mask

AirFit N30i, the very first top- of- head CPAP mask by the company ResMed, one of the leaders in continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) technology is releasing in the United States. Unlike the expected mechanism of having the air tube extend from around the face like an elephant’s trunk, the AirFit N30i interestingly gives a different option altogether.

The most apparent benefit of the mask is how it doesn’t interfere with one’s sleeping position. For instance, people who prefer or naturally end up sleeping on their stomach will find AirFit N30i particularly beneficial. While lying prone and the face in direct contact with the pillow or cushion, people may face some irritation in their nasal area. However, the mask incorporates a cushion under the nose which prevents irritation in the nasal area.

The product is now available in two frames. Additionally, people will find their face nicely fit inside the mug given the mask is available in four different cushion sizes.

The president of ResMed’s Sleep business, Jim Hollingshead gave a statement explaining that the AirFit N30i is the perfect option for people who wear nasal masks and have the habit of moving in their sleep. According to him, a comfortable and reliable seal is promised by the new AirFit N30i which aims at providing the mask wearers full freedom while sleeping. Moreover, the mask is rather easy to wear and fit which will naturally free up sleep professionals from their additional job and service.


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