Fingertip Breathing Rate Device

Respiration rate can now be spot checked by MightySat Rx, a fingertip pulse oximeter as it recently won FDA clearance and is developed by Masimo. European Union regulatory authorities have already issued clearance for the device back in 2017. Despite the availability of devices including those that are contact- free for measurement of breathing- rate; it is observed that manual calculation is the more common means of counting breathing rate. The reason why the procedure of manual calculation of breathing rate is more prevalent is due to the high expenses involved in purchasing the devices which are designed mainly for bed ridden patients and cannot function in multiple settings.

There are a variety of findings obtained from the company’s MightySat Rx. It uses the company’s Respiration rate from the Pleth (RRp) technology. Using it, the oximeter calculates a patient’s breathing, oxygen saturation (SpO2), perfusion index, pulse rate and also the Pleth Variability Index (PVi). The function of RRp involved detecting the change in the pulses observed by the oximeter pertaining to the respiratory cycle. The accuracy rate is pretty high, however in cases where certain people have conditions that led to irregular breathing or where people tend to move a lot, the results may or may not be as accurate.

The device is water- resistant, extremely light with a total weight of 100 grams which includes the weight of the batteries. Total two AAA batteries are required that can last up to 1,800 spot checks. The results are inclusive of plethysmographic wave forms and are displayed on the color screen. Furthermore, the current readings are transferrable to the Masino Professional Health app via Bluetooth. This interestingly gives the option of comparing results from the past to closely monitor and can thus be shared with clinicians.


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