The future medical implantables will be benefitted greatly by the help of safe and powerful biofuel cells. The researchers at Korea University and Georgia Institute of Technology have been working hard to develop such cells. In their work so far, the team of collaborators have successfully developed a cell powered by glucose that is supported by cotton fibers infused with gold. A new standard of efficiency can now be achieved for such devices.

Highly electrically conductive electrodes that are both biocompatible and stable have been a result of the gold nanoparticles infused within the cotton thread and thanks to a glucose- oxidized coating they have been made operational.

An Assistant Professor in Georgia Tech’s Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, Seung Woo Lee said that in order to covert the mechanical energy of the glucose in the body to mechanical energy, this device can be of great use as it will act as a continuous power source for the function.

She further added that the deposition of both gold nanoparticles and enzyme is controlled efficiently by the layer- by- layer deposition technique resulting in an increase in the power density of this fuel cell rather dramatically.


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