Walabot HOME, a senior care smart home device was launched this week by Vayyar Imaging a company in the 3D sensor imaging technology space. The device is designed to detect fall and operates similar to Wi-Fi as it uses low- power radio technology, hence does not need the users to wear something on their body for fall detection such as a pendant. Furthermore, the system allows the users full privacy especially in areas of high fall risk such as bathrooms and also in areas where cameras fail to function such as steamy rooms and behind curtains. A call for help is placed the moment Walabot HOME detects a fall.

According to CDC estimates that over an average of 65, almost 29 million people experience falls out of which 7 million injuries are on an annual basis.

Walabot not only operates to detect fall, but also provides a more traditional method of calling for help in situations where even though a fall has not occurred but the user needs to place an emergency call; a mere button needs to be pushed for the function.

Vayyar’s CEO Raviv Melamed’s opinion on their flagship product in the new line of smart home devices of the company is that people need to feel secure in their home without having to depend on wearables or medical alert devices. Walabot HOME according to him is effective in that sense as it makes one feel comfortable and relaxed in their home with the security of the fact that help is right there in case they need it.

For iOS and Android users, the Walabot App is free, while the device itself is available now for $249.


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