As U.S. tax breaks for Tesla cars are about to decrease, on Thursday Tesla launched its new $45,000 version of Model 3 sedan on its website.

The website describes the version’s specifications as “mid range” battery, at 260 miles which compared to long- range battery is 50 miles less and is used in the more expensive Model 3 model.

In case the customers take delivery of the new car by the end of this year they will be eligible for the current $7,5000 U.S. tax credit, however the tax credit for Tesla cars is going to drop by 50% on Jan 1 according to the website. Additionally the delivery period for the new version is expected to be six to ten weeks.

Model 3 versions have always had a starting cost at minimum $49,000. While Tesla had promised the customers a base- level version of Model- 3 costing $35,000, Tesla said it will not be manufacturing them this year. Among the 400,000 reservations it is not clear which ones are for the base models.

Introducing a mid- priced version of the Model could be a way to attract the customers who had been waiting for the lower- priced version.



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