The range of products being innovated by smartphone manufacturers are not limited to phones that we place in our pockets. They have build watches for us to wear on our wrists and they are not stopping at that apparently. Their next target is our eyes. “Smart glasses” are the next big thing that is about to be launched no later than this year end by Huawei. The company revealed about the smart glasses post its announcement about the P30 and P30 Pro smartphone in Paris this Wednesday.

Consumers lay extreme emphasis on the way their eyewear looks, a fact the smartphone manufacturer is well aware of, which is why, it decided not to create the smart glasses independently. Instead it has partnered up with Gentle Monster, a Korean luxury eyewear company. As a result, a product has been created that both the companies hope will be popular.

For all those who might have privacy concerns, the good news is that these smart glasses are not incorporated with camera. This in turn will also mean a considerably better battery life. The smart glasses are built to allow users to answer calls hands- free by tapping the temple. Even in noisy environments, a promise of easy conversation can be guaranteed thanks to the dual mics and speakers.

The battery embedded is 2,200mAh and can be recharged using a USB-C port. Additionally, the glasses are expected to hold up well in most weather conditions as they are IP67 rated for dust and water resistance.

Though the price is not known as yet, it might not be long before the price and other details will be confirmed, since the company plans to launch the smart glasses by June or July this year.


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