Higher- end cars usually have the option of passive entry in the car which will not be an option available for Tesla’s Model 3 Key Fob, as can be concluded after the launch of Model 3 Key Fob this week.

The Fob sold out almost immediately on Tesla’s website after the launch for a price of $150, however it states evidently enough in a note at the bottom of feature list that the fob does not support passive entry.

With the right proximity, passive entry allows the car user to unlock the car door without having to use the key fob for pressing the necessary button. Tesla’s Model 3 was designed to allow access through your smartphone via the Tesla mobile app or key card. However, according to report by ‘Electrek’, due to glitches in the app owners started asking for a fob.

Considering the option of passive entry being available on the company’s mobile app, it was only natural for the owners to expect the option available on the fob as well.

The decision of not including a passive entry option in the fob is yet to be explained by Tesla; however the speculations are that Tesla probably believes passive entry as vulnerability.


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