Microneedle Skin Patch that is both painless and Accurate in sensing Glucose
Microneedle Skin Patch

An option of delivering a multiple range of drugs into the body without much of a hassle and painlessly is that of using microneedle patches. Additionally, sensing important biochemicals, most importantly glucose can also be managed through microneedle patches. Currently the job is done through continuous glucose monitors that are rather painful. To address this cause, a prototype glucose sensing patch which is far more accurate and painless has been developed by researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

It is superiority is based on the fact that it uses 50 times smaller needles compared to those used in the continuous glucometers available in the market. Secondly, it samples the blood within the skin and not going deeper into the subcutaneous fat tissue.

One of the researchers involved in the study, Federico Ribet explained that measurement is done directly in the skin thus making their solution painless for the user. Furthermore, there is no detection of nerve receptors that detect pain; only a fine mesh of very tiny blood vessels.

With only a ten minute delay, the new patch could accurately track glucose counts on humans according to the results of the test done on human volunteers.

A miniature electronic back that can read and process the signals coming from the patch is missing from the new patch. These electronics could eventually share the reading with a device or smartphone that is paired with it.


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