Traveling through Nigerian ISP first and then through Russian ISP, the internet traffic ended up being diverted to China on Monday badly affecting G Suite, Google Search and Google Analytics for almost 74 minutes during which users faced connectivity issues. Whether or not the act was a deliberate attack by a third- party or just an accident could not be known immediately; however according to the latest reports, MainOne, Nigerian ISP has accepted it to be its fault.

The company called it an unforeseen and accidental technical glitch during a planned network upgrade, impacting some Google services, in its post on its company’s website. The company was quoted stating in the post that it was “doing all that is necessary” to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

While Google claimed the problem to be “external to Google”, the problem was still a grave one not just for Google but everyone since it established the fact that traffic can be diverted so easily.

However, the up side to the situation is that it made Google carry out an internal investigation which will further the cause of proper security being ensured. The Washington- based Group created in Oct. 2000 namely the US China Economic and Security Review Commission which was formed to advise Congress regarding bilateral trade and economic relationship with China and its implications on the country’s national security; is now made to review the incident to help establish certain legal tools or legislation or law enforcement activities that can help address this problem.



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