Apple’s revenue for the fourth quarter turned out to be 62.9 billion along with a profit of $14.1 billion. The company has experienced a healthy revenue and profits growth on the basis of its Q4 results. The revenues of iPhone have increased by 29% to $37.2 billion from last year’s Q4 result of $29.9 billion. The Average Selling Price of the company has also increased by 28% to $793 from last quarter’s $618 on year to year basis.

In total the company’s revenues in the last quarter of 2018 were at $69.9 billion from last year’s same period revenue of $52.58 billion. From last year, the rise in profit from $10.7 billion has been to $14.1 billion. Overall percentage growth of revenue on a year to year basis has been of 19.63% from 12% in the same quarter last year. While the growth rate of profit from the same quarter last year was 31.78% as against last year’s 19%.

The unit sales of iPad fell from 11.5 million units in the third quarter and 10.3 million units in the last quarter last year to 9.7 million units this year. The iPhone also saw a fall in unit sales from 46.7 million units in Q4 2017 to 46.9 million units this year in the last quarter of its iPhone. Overall the shipments fell flat this year; however the company has announced that it will not be reporting unit sales of its products in the future as it finds it “less relevant”.

The Chief Financial Officer of Apple, Luca Maestri said in a statement that the company’s focus is on delivering products and services that enrich people’s lives and provide them with an experience that cannot be compared to ensure customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. He further added that the unit sales is less relevant now due to the breadth of the company’s portfolio and the wider sales price dispersion within any product line. Consequently, units sold in a 90 day period do not necessarily reflect the underlying strength of their business.


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