Satellite-Killing Lasers
Satellite-Killing Lasers

According to the latest report from Pentagon, it is highly likely that China and Russia are all set to build high- powered lasers that can shoot down US satellites.

US Defense Intelligence Agency has informed that most probably both China and Russia are developing an arsenal of anti- satellite weaponry such as cyber attacks, missiles and “directed energy weapons”.

A classified report on the security threat to the United States’ dominance in space was released by the agency this Monday. The report calls out both the countries, as they have the technological prowess to take down US communication and navigational satellites. A situation such as this will cause havoc for military and businesses. The report elaborates on the possible ways the two nations could attack US satellites in the future.

According to DIA, China’s main objective is to become a “space power” focusing on exploration and defense. Orbital satellite and sensors used by them can be “disrupted, degraded, or damaged” by a laser weapon system that the Chinese military is trying to build according to the DIA.

Similar is the case with Russia according to the agency. They further warn that energy- based attacks is not the only concern, the nations are going a step further with developing satellites that can both inspect and repair other satellites in space which could be used against the country.

China on hearing about the report dismissed it entirely. A Chinese Ministry of Foreign spokesperson said that U.S. is projecting outer space as a combat territory.


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