With the aim to lessen the cases of hard drive counterfeiting, Seagate has partnered with IBM and the use of Blockchain technology. Though Blockchain is majorly associated with cryptocurrencies, it can function for a more general purpose trust network applicable for almost all types of online transactions and for the purpose of product security like in this case.

The drives will contain a Seagate Secure electronic ID (eID) which is accompanied by product authentication data stored on IBM Cloud in IBM’s Blockchain Platform. This will enable checking of the drive’s authenticity at any point in the drive’s life. In case the counterfeiters try to copy the eID printed on each drive, the authentication data on the Blockchain will not match.

Along with drive authenticity another function will be obtained. The upcoming privacy laws demand a guarantee of data erasure for hard drives used in certain sensitive settings. The cryptographic erasure technology is used by Seagate’s Certified Erase to ascertain absolute data deletion. After this process concludes, the public key infrastructure produced by Seagate Secure being stored on the Blockchain will work as proof that it happened along with details of the accurate time the erasure happened.

The ease with which the drive’s authenticity will be checked through a simple scanning of code is both time saving and will help earning trust.


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