Background Blur; the new feature by Microsoft for Skype Video Calls
Skype Background Blur

As Skype users, we often find ourselves in a tricky situation while receiving or calling contacts on Skype pertaining to our background which may or may not be in a presentable state. Often some users, before making or receiving a video call on Skype spend some time tidying the background to avoid embarrassment. This cause has finally been addressed by Microsoft, who has come up with an interesting solution for it. By this week, users will be able to access the new feature which can blur the background during a Skype video call.

A toggle will have the option to blur background which can be accessed by simply right clicking on it. In case users want the background blur as an option for always, they can do so by going on their Skype account’s settings. The technology for this feature keeps the user in focus. It does so by detecting the person’s features such as hands, hair, arms, etc, along with their face. Everything apart from the user automatically is blurred.

The company is selling the background blur feature by portraying it as a ‘stress removing feature’ for the Skype users using desktop Skype. The company has informed that the new feature is available for both desktop and laptop users, running the latest version of Skype. The version can be checked manually if the user signs in and chooses the Help option, which will further give the option “Check for updates manually.” If on choosing the “Check for updates manually” option a new version is available, the user can update for download. Once the new version is installed, the background blur feature will automatically be available for the Skype user.

Bugs for the feature can be assumed to have been dealt with considering the option was first made available to the Microsoft Teams last year itself. However, the 100% outcome is not guaranteed by the company.


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