ActivForce Digital Dynanometer for Objective Arm Muscle Evaluation
ActivForce Digital Dynanometer

San Diego, California based company; ActivBody has developed a dynanometer that measures the power applied to it for the uses in rehab, training and so on. The device has been named ActivForce and is all set for its release. Its objective is to help clinicians attain objective data while assessing muscle ability of the arms, which it does working with the company’s Active5 force measurement device.

The transitions in a patient’s performance are tracked with the help of the readings stored and analyzed within the dashboard that accompanies it. Aspects including maximum power, left/right power symmetry and muscle endurance that are useful for post- operative assessment, performance evaluation of multiple training exercises on each patient and throughout rehab; are provided.

In a company press release, the CEO of the company Dan Stevenson stated that the company feels that ActivForce will aid in increasing efficiency along with delivering objective data to the physicians at the palm of their hand with ease.

He added that with ActivForce’s help, both clinicians and patients will manage tracking strength gains through the rehabilitation continuum. This in turn will motivate the patients apart from tracking and measuring progress, thus proving to be rather valuable.


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