BD Nano Pen Needle

With the objective of achieving consistent depth during subcutaneous injections especially in case of patients of diabetes on insulin, a new Nano pen needle has been designed by BD and is all set to release soon.

When too much force is applied to many of the existing injection devices by patients, there is probability of the occurrence of Intramuscular injections. By spreading the load across the injection site and preventing the needle from penetrating too far under the skin’s surface, the new Nano pen designed by BD compensates the issue of intramuscular injections. According to BD, an 8- fold fall in “calculated intramuscular injection risk”, thanks to much more reliable injections with the aid of the design of the new BD Nano was achieved in a study.

Global vice president of Medical Affairs for BD, MD, MBA, Stanislav Glezer said in a press release that the company’s commitment to deliver the most advanced solutions possible for patients suffering from diabetes, to help acquire better clinical management of insulin use has been reinforced with the launch of BD Nano 2nd gen pen needles. A much more comfortable injection experience is an added advantage of the new ergonomic pen needle’s features, apart from the apparent clinical advantages of the latest BD innovation that people will now be able to get.


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