Microsoft Is Bringing Game Pass
Microsoft Is Bringing Game Pass

With the plans of producing more games on Switch, rumors of collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo have been doing rounds. Both direct ports and a Switch app allowing for Game Pass, the Netflix- esque subscription service for video games, to be available on Nintendo’s console; would entail in the collaboration.

On Switch, Microsoft is specifically seeking to publish Ori and Blind Forest, which an exclusive for Windows 10 ad Xbox platforms currently; according to YouTube channel. The news was corroborated by Game Informer after it spoke to its own sources in order to get confirmation that Game Pass will be arriving on Switch, this year itself.

Additionally, such rumors have also been heard by VG247 regarding other games such as Super Lucky’s Tail.

The cloud- based game streaming service that was exhibited by Microsoft at E3 2018, namely Project xCloud, could also be coming to Switch. Switch’s limited hardware accounted for a flaw that did now allowed it to cope with certain games, will now be taken care of by using streaming. Though it is important to note that to utilize the streaming service the user needs to have a reliable and high- speed internet connection.

In other words, Halo franchise, Gears of War and other Xbox exclusive games could be played on the Switch with a Game Pass subscription using xCloud.

In light of the strong competition faced by Google’s Project Stream which lets the user play PC games through Chrome brouser, Microsoft’s expansion of project xCould to a number of other devices which includes smartphones is a good move.


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